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How these Modalities, Classes, Retreats & Workshops     can benefit your Body, Mind & Soul​

Cutting Energetic Cords
Co-workers, Friends & Family can drain your energy.  This shifts the dynamic.
Childhood Traumas
       Divorces, bullying, mental or physical abuse traumas can be healed.
Past Life & Karmic Healing
       Unresolved issues can be healed. Belief in Re-incarnation isn't a requirement.
House Cleansing
      Ceremony performed with drumming, shakers, smudging, sacred geometry & grids
       Reiki Certification Classes for Levels 1, 2 & Master. Private & Group classes.
Psychic Classes
      Clair Senses, Channeling, Spirit Guides, Healing actions, Future Opportunities
Guided Meditations
       Light protection, Astral Travel, Merkabas, Portals and Vortexes.
Spiritual Retreats
      On-site work with Energy Modalities, Sound Baths, Drumming, Vortex & Portal Ceremonies
Tantric Workshops 
       Designed for Cis Gay, Bi & Non-Binary Males,  Working with Sacral Energy with a variety of practices. 
Here is a link for Heterosexual Tantric workshops:
Here is a link for Transgender Tantric Workshops:
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