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Reiki Certification Classes, Psychic Training Classes, Tantric Workshops & Spiritual Retreats

Here are a variety of ways to initiate, enhance and nurture your Spiritual growth. 


Classes & Certifications

Reiki Certification Classes are available for Levels 1,2, & Master. Classes can be 1 on 1 or in a group setting. Additional Attunements, Crystal Charging, Crystal Grids & KI Exercises are unique trainings that differ from other Reiki Master's Classes. Psychic Training Classes and Psychic Reader Certification are available as well. The options for Psychic Classes are 5, 60 min trainings to learn about and enhance ones psychic abilities. If interested in giving professional readings, an additional 4, 60 min training and Certification Classes are available as well.


Tantric Workshops

The Tantric Workshops that are available are offered for Cis Gay, Bi & Non-Binary Males. (Referrals and links are offered for Hetero & Transgender Tantric Workshops on the home page.) In these workshops we will explore the power of  channeling our sexual energy and working with several practices to enhance energetic levels. We will be working with Sacral Energy to manifest and create new opportunities. (Photo by Ron Amato.)


Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual Retreats are immersive including themes and skill levels. There will be beginner, intermediate and advanced retreats. Guided Meditations, Ceremonies, Workshops, Sound Performances, Hiking & more. Upcoming Retreat information can be found on the Contacts Page.

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