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Emanuel's Spiritual Healing

Emanuel has participated numerous workshops, retreats & spiritual trainings. He is a Reiki Master and facilitates Classes for levels 1, 2 & Master/Teacher Certifications. Emanuel is a Nova Certified Psychic Reader. He facilitates Spiritual Retreats, House Cleansing, Guided Meditations including Astral Travel & Tantric Workshops.

More details about Services that are offered


Reiki is an ancient and powerful form of energy healing, utilizing the laying of hands. A Sacred Space is created by the Reiki Practitioner, which includes blessings and verbalizing of healing intentions or goals. There a several hand positions that are aligned with the body's 7 Chakras. Reiki Sessions are beautiful, magical & sacred.  Clients will feel deeply relaxed and balanced after their treatment. Clients have also experienced unexpected miracles and exciting new opportunities in their lives.

Psychic Readings are a form of energy healing like Reiki, however they are more interactive. Sessions are interactive, with the Practitioner verbally guiding the Client to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths.  An opening invocation is voiced and light channeled. Sometimes Practitioners will ask the Client for permission to lightly touch their hands but it is not required. Practitioners then share what they see and witness including visions, mediumship communications, past life issues, and chakra healing needs. Cord cutting, healing childhood traumas, future opportunities can also be apart of a reading.


Guided Meditations are facilitated both for private sessions and groups for both In-Person & Remotely. There will be brief introductions and then a verbalized invocation. Participants will be asked to close their eyes and take some guided breaths. There will be some visualization and clearing. Soft melodic music will be played during the entire session, softer at the beginning and closing. After the visualizations the music will be turned up and participants will have time to meditate. After 15 to 20 min, the Facilitator will slowly and softly bring everyone back to themselves and do some grounding. Some time will be allowed for note taking and then Participants share there experiences.


Astral Travel is facilitated through Guided Meditations. Essentially, Clients get to experience going "Out of Body"and traveling in Merkabas. We also go to and travel through specific vortexes and portals. Group & Private Sessions are available In-person & Remotely. Time is given to journal and share our individual experiences.

House Cleansing is more of a ceremonial practice incorporating some Native American & Pagan inspired practices. Palo Santos is used for clearing in all areas. A Lakota Tribal Shaker is used to raise the vibrations and clear as well. Drumming in channeled patterns and includes an opening and closing Invocations.




Psychic Reading
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