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Emanuel's Bio

     My Spiritual Awakening truly began when I was gifted my first deck of Angel Oracle Cards. Growing up, I could often see more intuitively than my friends and peers. I didn't understand my gifts and lived in the conservative Midwest. I had my experience with addiction, getting sober & then I started with simply reading Angel Cards. When I started doing readings for myself, I could finally focus, see and hear the guidance & other ways that my Spirit Guides were communicating with me. This was before I was even aware that I had Spirit Guides. I started seeing 1111 (Spiritual Awakening) 333 (Ascended Masters & right path) & 222 ( Sense of balance & confirmations) and I would feel pulled to look at digital clocks when I was in a positive mind set and my Spirit Guides were whispering to me.
     One of the messages that I received and followed through was connecting with Dr. Michael Lennox (Astrologer, Dream Dictionary Author & More) He let me trade giving an Angel Card reading for receiving an Astrology Reading & it was revolutionary. Then he invited me to a Gay Healer's Circle Event. I got to see & meet 2 Spiritual Teachers there. While participating, I was given confirmation of my Mediumship Skills. I participated in some Sweat Lodges, Astral Travel, & Vortex journeys in Sedona. Once I had a Reading with Abbi Lake O'Neill (Novalightwork) I was able to start classes with her & get certified as a Psychic Reader. I was gifted a free Reiki Session and during the session, I witnessed a vision of one of my Past Lives as a Viking Warrior. I was able to get Certified in Levels 1 & 2 Reiki Certification. 
     Early in 2012 I started Emanuel's Spiritual Healing and began giving professional Reiki Sessions & Readings.  In 2015, I was invited to assist Abbi with 2 Spiritual Retreats in Ireland and it was an incredible experience especially at the Ancient Stone Circles like Urach, Ogham & Drombeg. In 2018, I
 received my Attunement & Certification for Reiki Master and began teaching Levels 1 & 2 Certification Classes. In June of 2021, I facilitated my 1st Spiritual Retreat in Sedona. In 2022, I began teaching Reiki Master Teacher Certification Classes. My new offerings include Astral Travel  Guided Meditations,  Psychic Classes & Tantric Workshops for Gay Men.

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